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Danville police chief fired and his son arrested.

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Policeabuse.Com Credited: Influential Indiana Law Man Resigns Two Days before Son's Arrest.

United States Marshals, alerted by that Christopher Gill, the long suspended Danville police officer, had slipped away to a Texas event, on Wednesday arrested him at Indianapolis International Airport.

Police investigators later searched Gill's home and found a weapon belonging to the Danville Police Department. When suspended, Gill (with three previous assignments as a law enforcement officer), was legally obligated to return the weapon, but presumably chose to conceal it.

After those assignments, in Paris, Atwood and Ridgewood Farm, Illinois, respectively, Gill was hired by his father, former Danville Police Chief Keith Gill, 61, and joined the Danville force. In his stints as a police officer in all three cities, numerous charges, including wanton police misconduct and serious criminal offenses were filed against the younger Gill.

Nevertheless, the elder Gill, a well connected law enforcement veteran with 34 years of policing behind his name, either approved the decision to hire his son or unilaterally took that action. The elder Gill is a former Indiana State Investigator and friend of Mitch Daniels, a popular Republican governor.

After his arest, Christopher Gill, given what prosecutors first believed was his violation of probation, was charged with that offense and placed on $100,000 cash bail. A closer examination of the terms of Gill's probation, though, revealed that he hadn't violated parole on leaving the state.

Prosecutors soon decided, however, that Gill's accumulation of a stack of serious misconduct allegations, complaints of criminal offenses and the most troubling one--domestic felony battery--which had triggered his suspension, warranted a search of his home. The decision to search his home was justiified when the missing weapon was found there.

Now in Vigo County Jail, the younger Gill, 31, has reportedly been unable to raise bail, and, as of this post, remains there.

Gill was suspended about two years ago, after allegedly pulling a gun on his wife, Teresa, and threatening their son on April 10, 2010, in a park in nearby Terre Haute. Four months later, Gill was seen striking her in a video.

Almost three years ago, Teresa Gill, in interviews with, reported Gill's violent assaults and vicious tirades. In the interviews, Teresa Gill tearfully confided that other than, she had "nowhere else to turn for help" in seeking an investigation into her former husband's conduct.

For nearly two years, her stream of pleas for protection were routinely ignored by Danville police, Teresa Gill said. Sources familiar with Christopher Gill's history say he appeared to have been shielded from facing any consequences for his alleged offenses. None of the allegations, despite their serious nature, were investigated by Danville police.

When contacted the Danville department to report Gill's confirmed presence in Texas (for induction into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame), a curious response was its official reply. was "assured" that Gill had not left Indiana and that he was scheduled to soon return to duty with the Danville force.

Two days before his son's arrest, the former chief was summoned to the office of Guy Eakin, the Danville Town Manager, the supervisory official to whom he reported.

Many observers believe Eakin was aware that Christopher Gill faced arrest on returning to the airport. Eakin thus summoned the elder Gill, according to rampant speculation in the town of only 9100 residents, in an effort to limit the glare of scrutiny around the younger Gill, which he knew was all but assured, most notably by national electronic and Internet news media.

It is known that Eakin, after speaking to the former chief, told him to either resign or face immediate termination. Gill would not resign, so Eakin fired him, on the spot. Neither Eakin nor the elder Gill has discussed specifics raised by either man in their meeting.

Yet the fired chief continues to claim that he does "not know why" he was terminated. Eakin, according to a secretary, was not available for comment late Friday afternoon when called to speak to him.

Acting Chief William Wright could not be reached for comment either.

There is no known public record containing comments any of them have issued regarding the former chief's decision to hire and retain his son, despite Christopher Gill's checkered history in law enforcement before joining the Danville department in 2010. Shortly thereafter, the younger Gill began to add to his record of egregious misconduct and criminal complaints. The most serious among them are the felony charges involving his former wife, Teresa.

A respected retired public official, speaking about Christopher Gill's record and his father's decision to hire and retain him, despite his suspension, said, "it is highly unorthodox for a police officer to remain employed in law enforcement while out on bail, in this case, for felony domestic battery."

In the wake of Christopher Gill's arrest and detention, scores of Danville residents say prosecutors have an obligation to question the elder Gill regarding his failure to investigate the stack of serious allegations lodged against his son for so long.

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Your web browser doesn't have a PDF plugin. Instead you can click here to download the PDF file. investigators speaking with Danville police and city officials about Chris Gill's whereabouts falsely assured by Danville officials that Gill had not left Indiana. Our investigation proved that Gill was in Texas receiving an award and that he was in possession of a firearm in violation of his bond for felony spousal abuse.

Undercover Facebook communications with Chris Gill leading to his arrest