Deputy Brian Smith

A Gulf County Florida deputy resigned after​ provided evidence to the Sheriff proving the misconduct.
But why was the deputy originally only given a verbal reprimand? We will answer that question in an upcoming special report.

On February 28, 2017, Vera O’Reilly called Vera reported that she filed a complaint with the Gulf County Sheriff’s Office accusing a deputy of engaging in misconduct while on duty. Vera told us that her complaint was very serious, yet she was certain it was being ignored. opened an investigation.

We confirmed that the Gulf County Sheriff’s Office was not responding to Vera's telephone calls or her emails. We also confirmed that the sheriff’s office had been given a substantial amount of evidence proving each of the allegations.

On March 3, 2017 placed a telephone call to the sheriff’s office. We reported the misconduct and we later delivered a folder containing several evidence exhibits. The evidence included dozens of inappropriate emails, and videos proving that the deputy was both sleeping on duty and having internet sex in his patrol car. The deputy's violation of departmental policies occurred frequently and were not limited to acts of sexual misconduct.

The deputy used crime scene evidence for personal use, exposed the personal records of private citizens to the public online, and he exposed confidential county records on police computers.

Deputy Smith also demonstrated that he has little regard for the supervision of the sheriff’s office. Deputy Smith boasted about eluding work by dodging calls and assignments. He often bragged about hitting suspects and in one instance appeared to take satisfaction in breaking a man's neck. Smith sent multiple text messages mocking traffic accident victims, arrestees and even his own Sheriff.

The victim reported that Deputy Smith often hid behind the fire station while pretending to work. The evidence demonstrates that deputy Smith often took himself out of service while he was performing sexual acts over the Internet from his patrol car. Deputy Smith was committing a fraud against the citizens of Gulf county for each hour that he was paid to work while he was in fact unavailable.

Six days after receiving an email from the sheriff decided finding deputy Smith guilty of misconduct. Deputy Smith was given a verbal reprimand. It was the lowest possible punishment for misconduct. In a letter to Vera, the sheriff explained that the deputy’s behavior was personal and unlikely to happen again. The sheriff promised greater supervision of Deputy Smith in the future.

The sheriff’s investigation of this complaint is inconsistent with state accreditation guidelines for the state of Florida. Indeed, it appears that no real investigation was ever done. Deputy Smith left an extensive trail of evidence. Yet, several social media accounts proving the misconduct were never inspected by the sheriff’s office. Even deputy Smith's personal phone where he sent and received hundreds of text messages was never requested or examined by the sheriff’s office.

Facebook chats and video logins demonstrate that deputy Smith was video conferencing as he engaged in sex while on duty for hours at a time. The victim reported that there is a substantial amount of biological evidence in the deputy’s patrol car. The sheriff’s office also failed to collect that evidence.

Based on our review the deputy violated several Gulf County Sheriff policies, and he committed fraud by misleading his superiors about his activities on duty.

Gulf County Sheriff’s Office failed to follow state accreditation policies related to the investigation of this complaint. is reporting a complaint to the Florida state Atty. Gen.'s office and the Florida Department of law-enforcement requesting an investigation of this case.

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