PoliceAbuse.com App

Once the app is downloaded we encourage you to go through the slideshow to
discover some of the app's most important features.

The login screen provides easy options to interact with the app.

Feel free to explore some of our most popular videos. App videos include a mix of
PoliceAbuse.com investigations or approved user uploads.

Use the built-in menu to access some of our most beneficial features.
Things like the ability to file complaints online and recording a statement to attach to your
complaint are found here.
Users may upload previously recorded video content through this menu.

The APP allows you to add up to 5 text and 5 email emergency contacts that will be notified
whenever you have an emergency that needs attention.

Use our direct messaging feature to contact a Policeabuse.com private investigator quickly.

Need to file a police complaint ? No need to go to the police stations you can do so
right on the app and we will make sure it gets to where it needs to go.

Using the latest in crowd sourcing technology the APP has the ability to notify everyone
within a given radius of your location that you are having an emergency and require assistance.

Need to make an audio recording on the fly?
With 30 minute auto-record/hands free upload it's one click let the app do the rest.
After 30 minutes your recording is on its way to Policeabuse.com.
A perfect tool when you have to record a police interview or contact.

The most important and compelling evidence you can provide is a recorded video statement.
Our app allows you to record a 10 minute victim impact statement video in full HD format.
Subscribers may also use our emergency 4 minute video upload feature. It's hands-free.
Hit the record button and the app will record video for 4 minutes and automatically upload that video
to a Policeabuse.com server. If your phone is confiscated we will still have the video.